.. all homemade with local ingredients and delivered to your office by bike!

We change our menu regularly to offer you lots of different dishes to taste.


We are a vegetarian delivery service in Newcastle. We cook solely vegetarian, sometimes also vegan. Our dishes are tasty and deliver the essential vitamins and nutrients for your day at work.


We receive our products 100% from farmers that are producing 100% organic products, preferably from local farmers. Some of our products can however not be sourced locally, such as citrus fruits, avocados etc.

Bike delivery

Enjoying a great lunch with great people is even more enjoyable knowing that our environment has not been polluted by its transport to you. This is why we deliver our dishes directly to you by bike.


We deliver your lunch in 100% recycable material made from recycled paper, corn- and sugarcane packaging. Just toss them into the recyclables bin after your lunch!

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